Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Design inspiration from Kate Spade

I was all done pushing stripes until yesterday.

I got an email from Kate Spade that just screamed STRIPES! How could I not show you more? It was meant to be. The universe wants me to show you stripes. So here is part II of why you shouldn't be afraid of stripes.

You should embrace them.

Kate Spade in New York knows how to do stripes.

Wow. I wish I still lived on the East Coast.

All this color makes me want to shop.

Or eat a packet of Skittles candies.

Kate Spade Umbrella, $75

Rain or shine. They have you covered.
Folie Square Sophie, $275

The perfect tote for shopping in NYC.

Ribbon Mirabelle Dress, $595
Striped Lillith Skirt, $295
The perfect little black and white dress, or skirt,  for that summer wedding or cocktail party.
Note Cards: Live Colorfully Gift Set, $30

And the perfect little note cards to thank your hostess.

And that is today's fashion inspiration.

Thank you, Kate.

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