Monday, July 11, 2011

Try stripes for a change

Are you in a rut. Does your life, and your house feel blah and dull?

I know exactly what you need.


They are all the rage this season. They're bright and bold with big personalities.

Trust me. You don't need a therapist. You need some stripes.

Designers Guild. Collection Trevelyan, Pattern: Bakst - Turquoise

Trevelyan drapes. Gorgeous, right?
Colorful stripes = happiness.

The folks at Designers Guild, Osborne & Little and Cowtan and Tout know how to make fabric in beautiful colors. Let me show you.

Horizontal woven taffeta design with a chenille accent stripe. Pattern: Mazar Moss
Jacquard woven silk with a filigree design. Pattern: Benucci Moss
No boring beige here.

Osborne and Little, Pattern: Wicklow
Linen is big.

Osborne & Little, Pattern: Killarney
Roman shades made from this striped linen, with embroidered accent is really crisp and fresh on the window.

Osborne & Little, Pattern: Dingle and Galway
Think color.

Jane Churchill, Stripe Patterns: Brownlow and Deverell. Pillows: Larkin and Vita
 Color, color and more color.

Manuel Canovas, Belem Sofa with Alma, Frida and Japura pillows
You can't help but smile when you look at them. Right?

See. I told you. Way more fun then sitting in the doctor's chair.

Look, even Cole Haan is getting into stripes with this hand painted tote. Nice. But wait, it get's better. Scroll down and check out the shoes. Oh how I love those shoes.

Cole Haan Tote, $298

Cole Haan, Stephanie Air OT Clog, $328

Now you can be totally "in" head to toe.

All fabrics are available at Pollin's or through an interior design professional. ***Photos courtesy of Designers Guild, Osborne & Little and Cowtan and Tout and Cole Haan.***

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